Footscray Memorial Garden

Footscray Historical Society IMG_3361has been involved in collating photos and memorabilia to commemorate the opening of the new Footscray Memorial Garden, at the entrance to Footscray Park. The Garden was designed by Fitzgerald Frisby Landscape Architecture to house the memorial plaques relocated from the original Avenue of Honor located along Geelong Road.

Each of the plaques was dedicated to a fallen serviceman or woman from Footscray and district from both the First and Second World Wars. Some of the plaques had been damaged, buried or misplaced due to road works done in the area in the 1970s, and some were still in their original location, alongside the RSL on Geelong Road.

The original avenue was proposed in 1943 by the Footscray and District Tree Planters Association. They suggested that council plant 3000 trees in a ring around Footscray. These trees were to be dedicated to the Servicemen and women who had fought in WW1 and WW2. After refinement of these plans it was decided that Geelong Road was the best location for the Avenue.

The following two plaques commemorating fallen soldiers can be seen in the Footscray Memorial Garden.   John-Edward-Phillips


G.H.Bartlis  Gordon-Henry-Bartils