The committee is responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures appropriate for an ACNC registered charity. For example Footscray Historical Society has adopted a Privacy Policy in keeping with Australian government regulation and community expectations.

All members are bound by the Footscray Historical Society Rules and reports to ACNC annually.

For more information, please view our governance page.


Footscray Historical Society values the privacy of our members and website visitors.

We will only record your details such as your email address and telephone numbers if you take out a membership with the Footscray Historical Society, make a booking through the society or request information from us such as the Footscray Historical Society newsletter.

Your details will never be shared or disclosed to anyone else without your consent, and will only be used for the purpose you have provided them for. Information would only be shared with a third party if you consent to disclosure or we are compelled and authorised to do so by law.

If you do provide information to us, it is stored in such a way so your personally identifiable information is protected from loss or misuse. Only authorised staff members are allowed access to this information and it is treated as confidential.

From time to time, the Footscray Historical Society may review and update its privacy policy and approach. If this happens, then revised versions of the privacy policy will be made available on the website.

Our approach to privacy adheres to the Australian Government’s National Privacy Principles. You can obtain more information on Australia’s approach to privacy from the Australian Information Commissioner’s website.

If you have any questions about our policy, or would like to access information we may hold about you, then please email us at

We always welcome feedback on how to improve our services.