. “Yiasou Yarraville” by Olympia Koziaris.

$40.00 excluding GST

The story of Greek immigrants in Yarraville, telling family histories and personal stories, of the shops, social occasions, sport, religion. Olympia Koziaris weaves a beautiful story of Greeks in Yarraville. the cake, coffee shops, Greek films at the Sun theatre. telling 20 stories of locals, stories of shopkeepers, librarians, restauranteurs and schoolteachers. With 283 pages of local history and 200 images of pictures , documents and memorabilia.


  “Yiasou Yarraville” by Olympia Koziaris. We are selling it for $ 40  excluding GST . The book is about the history of Greeks in Yarraville ,a personal story.

"Yiasou Yarraville" by Olympia Koziaris


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